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Книга Tales about Pandimoon арт. 488895

Издательство:  Біла Сова
Код товара:  488895

О книге «Tales about Pandimoon»

«Tales about Pandimoon» is a book of fascinating stories about one brave baby panda who is in search of his place in the world. These are stories about love, trust and friendship, dreams and courage, happiness, and sadness of loss. Each story about Pandimoon or Pandi, as his friends call him, raises a specific topic and brings up important questions. Told in allegoric concepts that are understood by readers of all ages, the book has become a Yakaboo bestseller and has been nominated as one of the best children’s literary debuts in Ukraine in 2022. Kristina Nguyen wrote these tales for her son, and the award-winning artist Halya Zinko made amazing surrealistic illustrations. Together they have created a magical world the inhabitants of which will steal the hearts of young readers and their parents.
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